JSC "Donugol”

A company for the extraction, processing of coal and construction of mines with Europe's largest reserves of unique technological anthracite with a sulfur content of up to 1%


Since 2018, the company has been a supplier of premium quality technological anthracite to international markets

  • Leading Manufacturer

    Reserves of deposits of 123.6 million tons of high-quality anthracite

    The current production capacity is 1 million tons of coal per year. JSC "Donugol" unites one operating and one under construction coal mines located in an economically developed area of Southern Russia with a dense network of roads and railways, in close proximity to the ports of the Black and Azov Seas.

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  • Production development

    Production growth by 2025 to 2 million tons, by 2027 to 4-4.5 million tons per year

    JSC "Donugol" has all the resources to become one of the world's leading suppliers of high-grade anthracite to the world market, due to long-term contracts with enterprises of the metallurgical, chemical, energy industry and other consumers.

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Export deliveries since 2018 Трактор

Reconstruction and modernization of the Sherlovskaya-Oblique mine allowed to start exporting enriched coal to Canada, Morocco, South Africa, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, India, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries.

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The main consumers of anthracite
  • 67% Energy
  • 12% Metallurgy and agglomeration of iron ore
  • 21% Other industries
Схема добычи угля

Mining method


The mines of JSC "Donugol" are non-gas, not dangerous for sudden emissions, not dangerous for the explosiveness of coal dust. Classified as threatened by mountain impacts from a depth of 800 meters. The Sherlovskaya-Oblique mine was opened with four inclined shafts. The method of preparation is panel, the development system is long pillars along the strike of the formation, the extraction technology is complex-mechanized, long lavas. Currently, coal mining is carried out at a depth of 855 meters.
The mine "Obukhovskaya No. 1" was opened with three vertical shafts. The method of preparation is panel.

  • Infrastructure

    Convenient location relative to transport arteries

    The industrial sites of the mines are located in the immediate vicinity of the railway stations, the federal highway M-4 "Don".

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  • Responsibility

    Working conditions

    We are maximally focused on creating safe working conditions and opportunities for professional growth of employees. The company has gained a unique experience, which is passed on by labor dynasties from generation to generation.

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